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CCAB audited!

PHOTO News Magazine

Canada’s largest-circulated photo enthusiast magazine is now CCAB audited!

For the past five years, since ZAK Media has been responsible for the publication of PHOTO News Magazine, our circulation growth has been progressive and exponential – and now, following a one-year CCAB Audit procedure, we can verify without any doubt that PHOTO News is THE HIGHEST CIRCULATED PHOTO MAGAZINE IN CANADA, WITH an average OVER 95, 000 COPIES representing a readership of 168,000 readers per issue.

Our goal is to offer PHOTO News readers a spectacular visual experience, and to provide our advertisers with the largest and most influential audience in Canada for their products. This is the reason we have chosen The Globe & Mail home delivery distribution system to reach the most qualified potential clients for our advertisers.

Please find attached our CCAB Report.

If you want to stay in touch with a high end potential client base – the very best prospects to buy your products… PHOTO News Magazine is your best advertising vehicle.

We take the Canadian market very seriously – our passion is photography and video.

Print magazine media is stronger than ever – the biggest publishers in North America, including Hearst Publishing, Time Inc, Condé Nast, etc… confirm that print copies are still the best advertising vehicle – especially when offered in conjunction with a complete digital edition.

The PHOTO News team is a group of publishing experts – the most passionate and experienced media professionals serving the Canadian photography sector. Let our expertise help sell your products!

Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity to reach Canada’s most effective audience AND THE peak period of the year!

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